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Sanvedana goes to “Morachi Chincholi”

17 January 2010

When the year 2010 started, Sanvedana members decided to go for the picnic at “Morachi Chincholi” on Sunday, 17th Jan 2010 with the new enthusiasm. Morachi Chincholi, by name itself means a village of tamarind trees and a town of dancing peacocks all around. The distance from Pune to Morachi Chincholi is just 55 km. It is situated near Ahmednagar–Pune highway near Shirur, Shikrapur, Ranjangav Ganapati (one of the holy place from Eight Vinayakas), which is beautiful picnic spot near Pune.

With all arrangements made in advance, the group proceeded to enjoy the picnic for Sanvedana and the members. It was decided that the 25 members will meet at the petrol pump in Aditya Hotel Chowk, on Karve Road on the decided date, at 0700 hours. The pick–up was to be at the same location at 0715 hours. However, situations kept the pick–up bus from arriving on time, due to which the group had a late start. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed even the long wait for the bus.

Our journey started with full of joy. Some of our members were thinking to start Antakshari, but we thought that the members to first give themselves some energy. Radhika and Yashoda and some volunteer member dispensed the hot vegetable patties to all the members. Once done with this and with the tanks full for the moment, members started enjoying journey whole–heartedly. We also reminded to all the group members about the morning epilepsy dose! J

In Morachi Chincholi, one can find lot of peacocks everywhere in this small village. There are approximately more than 2000 peacocks in this village. Peacocks are like villager’s neighborhood friends from childhood. Every morning, when the people in the village open their doors, one can find peacocks roaming in the verandas. Children in the village grow up with these beautiful creatures. All kids enjoy all natural resources, which on the path of 21st century; it’s getting very rare in cities to enjoy the freedom of fresh air and pollution free day.

Janardan Thopate, the owner of “Mauli Krishi Paryatan Kendra”, welcomed us with the nice tea; and “pohe” (typical Marathi dish for breakfast) with the typical warmth of the village. He and his family showed us the farms and told us about every plant, seed and the tree. There were so many farms like wheat, onion, jwari, sunflowers etc. We, the people living in the crowded city like Pune were very happy to see the farms!

After finishing the farm visit we sat together in a shadow, and enjoyed the moments with the games, poems and songs. We also discussed about Sanvedana’s future plans.

The most enjoyable moment with Thopate family was the lunch! Thopate family is dedicated for the tourists. They had cooked typical rural type luch: pithale, bhakari, thecha, chatani, koshimbir, rice, daal, etc.

We also visited to the places near by, Ranjan Khalage, Ranjangav Ganapati etc. In evening we saw 6-7 picklocks lingering around the farm. All the Sanvedana members enjoyed the picnic. We came back to Pune at 9:00 p.m., with the wonderful memories.
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Tanmaya Thopate
January 31, 2010
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Thanks Sanvedana


Thanks for such a generous praise about my family members. Morachi Chincholi is really beautiful place to visit.

Tanmaya Thopate

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